Why i’m The Polished Widow

This post is a little look into the naming of The Polished Widow and why i’ve chosen this, as its title, and no, its not because i’m always immaculately dressed and coiffed!

There was a time when my sole purpose was to be a ‘good wife’. My husband’s wants, needs, and career took precedence over anything else, and I was fine with this.

After the first stages of loss, past the funeral and burial, past the solicitor meetings and countless bank manager meetings, there finally came a time, when I felt I didn’t need to answer to anyone. That first taste of freedom….having toast for dinner, friends over at any hour, and wearing nail polish!

‘What ??’, I hear you ask. Well, my husband Nick, hated nail polish on women, fingers and toes included, especially dark colours or reds. He thought it made them look cheap. I only ever wore a slight pink colour, always longing for something more daring, like oh, a darker shade of pink! If I ever tested him, by going to my girlfriend Antoinette’s place and coming home with dark nails, he’d pester me to remove it, which I usually did within the hour, just to shut him up!

And so, after his passing, I began to feel liberated, no one to tell me what to do, and it was a little rebellion on my part, after suppressing my desire to wear nail polish for so long, I could now do what I wanted. It was my F*%& You to Nick for dying on me, and leaving me to raise our daughter alone. The only polish I was ever allowed to wear was Bubble Bath by OPI, the palest of pinks and because I loved this colour so much, I decided to only purchase OPI polishes, plus the names are so cute, half the time, I purchase them based on that alone.

I started to wear nail polish all the time, changing them twice a week. My OPI collection grew from 20 to 30 to 60, to now reaching over 145. Yes, some people may think this is excessive, that all shades start to look the same, but not to me, I know them all so well, and get super excited when a new collection is released. I do have a problem with storage, but im working on that. My friend tells me, its more than her nail technician has for her to choose from. I kinda like that!

Some of my OPI nail polish collection
Some of my OPI nail polish collection

I learnt something about myself, when my OPI nail polish obsession began:

1) I could buy what I wanted and no one would question me.  If I loved it, it would be mine. Noted by the fact, I purchased the OPI Mariah Carey 18ct gold and silver flakes top coat for $39.95!!

2) I’m more creative than I ever thought I was. I’m into nail art now, I do two different designs a week, stalking instagram, pinterest and blogs for inspiration, sometimes it works out and sometimes its a fail. But im doing something I enjoy! I’ve been known to paint my nails twice in one day, and no one tells me its a waste of time or that I look cheap!

3) What started as an act of rebellion, turned into an interest. I actually think if Nick was around now to see this, he would be proud of me and my enthusiasm

My attempt at a negative space design
My attempt at a negative space design
My first attempt at camouflage nails
My first attempt at camouflage nails
My double dots
My double dots
My two toned effect
My two toned effect

But mostly its about, just doing something for me, and me alone. And whilst I love my husband Nick, his passing unleashed something in me, an independence that I never knew before  and a part of me that enjoyed spending time doing what I loved, along with the realisation, that it was ok to do this.

It’s this new me, that i’ve bought into my 2nd marriage, that my new husband loves and appreciates.

Oh and in closing, OPI Products, if you’re listening (reading!) i’d love the new Brazil collection to wind up on my doorstep!

Til next time, Michela x

5 thoughts on “Why i’m The Polished Widow

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  2. Hi love

    I have an OPI polish called Pluggen In Plum I haven’t worn since Nick died!! I now understand why he was so critical of my nails, way back when my OPI obsession began. He was never complimentary and never held back from expressing an opinion about my nails!

    For some reason I haven’t been able to use that colour since we lost him. Not that I ever agreed with much Nick said :-). I think about him all the time. And you and miss C too. Thank you for sharing. Feeling weepy and happy all at once. Might paint my nails tomorrow. XXX

    1. Hey Pepi,
      So nice to hear from you!!
      Finally, someone who understands Nick’s hate for nail polish!! Everyone keeps telling me they had no idea he felt that way, but finally I see he was the same way with you. It was frustrating, to say the least, I can totally appreciate you keeping that beautiful OPI colour off your nails since, I can’t bear to wear the light colours he gave the ok to anymore, similar story!
      Thanks for reading along, really appreciate it, hope the family is all well! xxx

  3. Nothing would scare me as much as the phone call from him the next day telling me off for sending you home with nail polish & smelling like smoke!!!

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