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So, i’m a widow…

Welcome to The Polished Widow and my very first entry! Yay!

My name is Michela on the 5th February, 2011, I became a 30 year old widow & single mum. My husband was fit and healthy, when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 7 months later he was gone. I was literally, left holding the baby, our daughter was 12 months old.

Friends, family and even people i barely know, have complimented me on my ‘handling’ of the situation, how i remained sane and the amazing outlook & perspective on life i’ve had since.

Don’t get me wrong there were times of sadness and anger, but mostly i have been very accepting of the hand we were dealt and Nick’s death has always been something i thought ‘just had to be’. I strongly believe (God, the universe, insert whatever your belief here!) will only give you what you can handle in life.

I have a sometimes strange sense of humour, and i think this has been my way of dealing at times. I tend to use humour when I’m nervous, sad, happy, actually pretty frequently! Some people may think jokes at a funeral aren’t appropriate, i think when they are burying your husband, you get to do what you like! Nervously laugh on, i say!

In this blog, i will be documenting some of the weirder things people have said, situations that occurred and bits about my life in general, both past & present, including things ive discovered about myself along the way, like my love of nail polish, oh and my inner strength too!

Until next time, here’s a pic of me in my previous life with my husband Nick.


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Til next time, Michela x