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5 Reasons my deceased husband would hate this!

A little about Nick, my deceased husband, and why he would hate me writing a blog inspired by him:

1. The one thing you must absolutely know about him, is that he HATED social media. And this is the absolute first reason why he’d hate me doing this. This was 3 years ago, a time before Instagram blew up, or twitter had us trying to be clever and concise in 140 characters!

2. All his friends and family were banned from posting pics of him on Facebook, even in group shots. He would use my sisters log in to stalk his friends pages!!

3. He once looked into joining the class action against Facebook for posting pictures without your permission. Does anyone know how this went?

4. He was always so paranoid that pedophiles would stalk our daughter and thieves would know our whereabouts

5. The funniest thing was, the day he died, his friends and family instantly turned to Facebook to post messages and photos. And as far as im aware, he didnt return to haunt anyone because of it!

So, knowing him as well as i do, and most people will vouch for this, he was always the centre of attention, so i know Nick post mortem, would love this. And I promise to never post unflattering shots of him or divulge too much information. (cut to shot of me with fingers crossed behind my back!)

Is that a cold breeze that just entered my room? A door just slamming ?

Get out Nick, you dont scare me, im still doing this!

Til next time, Michela x

Says he hated social media, but loved taking selfies!